Friday, March 23, 2007


Detroit lost to Columbus 2-1. This, after being completely scoreless through the first two periods. And being tied after overtime. And having to go through SIX rounds of the shootout. Words fail.

On to a brighter note: Bertuzzi played tonight. Now, he didn't set the world on fire, but he DID play over 16 minutes and did fine. He played a solid enough game and I think will definitely be an asset as time goes on. As he said, he only got to practice 10 minutes with the line they put him on before the game, so...(I HOPE he was kidding!) Actually, he got right into the swing of things: he got a cut on his chin that required stitches during the first period and got a penalty in the second! Cleary also came back tonight. It is good to see the injured back and playing. From what the announcers said, Zetterberg HAS skated, so there is some hope he may return before the season is over.

For the seventh season in a row, Detroit has had a 100 point (or better) year. But, because Nashville tied tonight--ultimately losing in overtime--they got a point and now have 101 points, staying in first place. Right now the only thing for the Wings to play for is who they will play in the playoffs and home-ice advantage. And as to the who they will play, THAT probably won't be determined until the last game of the season is over! It is getting close.

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