Friday, March 30, 2007

NHL and Fighting

During the pre-game show tonight, there was some discussion--again--about fights taking place during games. (And despite all the talk, there is much less fighting going on these days than there was in years past. Believe me, I remember.) They went over the position of the players and the position of some of the powers-that-be and the position of everyone else, etc, etc, etc. I could go on and on about fighting in the NHL and I could give the reasoning behind it and the reasoning behind banning fights, but I won't go over the same ground that others have gone over again and again ad nauseum. The thing I have to say is this:

Some people say they won't watch hockey because of the fighting. I can guarantee this: the people who do not watch hockey now would NOT watch it even if you turned all hockey games into a freaking ice-ballet! Just say you don't like hockey--you won't hurt anyone's feelings by saying it! I have no hesitation when I say how much I hate football--and there is NOTHING that can be changed about the game to make me like it. So, don't try to change a game that I love by criticizing it and (possibly) bringing about changes that will not make the game better--just say you hate the sport and be done with it.

That is all.


Burg said...

When I do watch hockey, it is because of the fighting!

cmk said...

My kind of girl! My oldest is EXACTLY the same way--the video of the 'blood bath' is her favorite. I think she watches it daily. :D It was her favorite game of all time, so...