Monday, March 19, 2007

Day of the Chipmunks

Sunday was--to put it mildly--very interesting around here. Actually, this story starts on Saturday, so here goes.

Early Saturday evening I went into the basement to start some laundry. When I got to the machines, I noticed that the dryer hose didn't look right. When I looked at it closer, I saw a hole in it--and it looked as if it was a CHEWED hole, not a break. I called K down to take a look-see-- and in preparation for a new hose, he turned the dryer on to dry out the old hose. Almost immediately a chipmunk came shooting out of the hole. As soon as we regained our composure--we both jumped about three feet in the air--we searched for the creature. At one point K got it trapped in the bathroom, but it escaped. We tried everything we could think of to catch the thing, but it wasn't happening. K then went to the store to get some of the 'sticky' traps. They were placed in the basement, we came back upstairs, closed the door, and tried to forget about it. I DIDN'T get the laundry done.

When K went in the basement on Sunday morning, he found two trapped and one loose. The loose one found its way upstairs and proceeded to the pantry. Thankfully K was able to catch it and get it out of the house before it got into any of the food. Later in the day, two more were trapped. We haven't seen any more, but we ran out of traps, sooooo....

We still are not sure how these things got into the basement. We thought we had that taken care of last summer, but I guess not. I think they, somehow, managed to get into the dryer vent and came in through the hose. Of course, once they were in, they had no way out except by chewing through the hose. I keep telling myself this is the explanation! We will have to put out some more traps just to see if we got all of them--I figure we will be safe if no more are caught in a 48 hour span. This just may be another long summer.

And I finally got the laundry done on Sunday.

Thrown Out


Dazd said...

DOH! Chip and Dale broke into your house!

cmk said...

Yes--and once again, my cat did NOTHING about it! I swear, she is the LAZIEST thing I ever saw...does nothing to earn her keep. :)

Doug Bagley said...

Sounds like the time we had a opposum in our house. That was after the tree frog that got in. LOL--living in the Ozarks was fun.

Burg said...

I'm not going to bitch anymore about the birds that have taken up residence in our attic. I think I'd rather have them than anything on four legs.

cmk said...

After last summer, I will be happy if we only get chipmunks in the house! With bats, raccoons, birds, squirrels, wasps, yellow jacks, moths, spiders, mosquitoes, etc, etc, I have had enough of house-bound wildlife! (And I added the mosquitoes and spiders because the sizes we have had in this house practically put my 16 pound cat to shame. ;))

And to top it all off, we live in the center of town--a (small) city of around 20,000 people. Life in the UP--in SO MANY ways, you gotta love it.