Saturday, March 17, 2007

How Is Your Life?

The other night I came thisclose to getting myself a Wii. I had to go and do some grocery shopping--my refrigerator echoed when I yelled into it--so I decided to call around to the usual places and see if any of them had gotten any new shipments of Wiis. Wouldn't you know, Shopko was selling their LAST ONE as I was talking. Damn! I'm thinking that I just may have to become someone's newest, bestest friend in order to get one before I am old enough to retire!


While I was in WalMart, I noticed something very strange: MOST of the shoppers were male. And there were A LOT of them. While this isn't an unusual occurrence just before Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, I can't explain why so many were there the other night. There were big ones, little ones, old ones, young ones, ugly ones, and some I wouldn't have minded looking at a lot longer! It was as if every male from the entire county--except K--was there. Strange.


Most people will get spring fever at this time of year--I get new car fever. This usually comes about because of the new car show/sale that we have here in town. I can keep the fever in check if I don't actually get to the show, but this year K has decided we will go. I LOVE seeing the shiny paint jobs and the sleek new models. I love to slide behind the wheel of a Corvette or fully-loaded SUV. I love imagining myself driving down the highway in a brand-spanking new vehicle. I hate imagining the monthly payments...


C is determined to get the three-year-old potty trained. It is not going so well. The other day, C found a pair of pee-soaked panties in the middle of the coffee table. The little 'brat' removed them herself because she doesn't like feeling wet. This happened just after C asked if she had to use the potty and was told 'No!'


I finally decided to catch up on my email. I got around to answering one that I received in November. Does 'better late than never' apply here?


It snowed off and on all day today.


I remember my dreams so rarely that, recently, when I recall something, I have to stop and think whether it really happened or did I dream it. It is NOT a good feeling.


I have to figure out what I'm going to do with myself once hockey season ends. That is so sad.


The Blues Brothers


Leazwell said...

Three and not potty trained??? I trained my nephew real quick when he pooed in diapers at three. Mothers would be horrified at my not so gentle encouragement. I basically set him in the tub and told him he was too old to be carrying on like a baby. He cried but diapers disappeared after that scolding.

Burg said...

An all male Wal-Mart night.. Hmmm.. Was there some implication that there may be boobies there?? ;P

cmk said...

Leazwell: The child is too smart--she KNOWS what to do on the potty, she just tells her mother she WON'T do it! And, of course, my daughter has two babies younger, so she doesn't have the extra time to devote completely to the potty training. I told her it will happen soon enough--I hope! :)

Burg: You so funny! I swear you would've thought there were free lap dances the way the males were flocked there!