Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Afternoon (Boring Title)

Yesterday ALL of the Red Wings were skating at practice. HOORAY!! Of course, there still is no word on when Zetterberg OR Kopecky will actually play, but it definitely is a step in the right direction. There is some indication that they BOTH might play a game or two before the season ends. Good, good news. Lebda WON'T be playing in Nashville tonight because of the concussion he got on Saturday. It seems as if it is more a case of not having a helmet fit correctly than any other reason. But he probably will play on Friday. It will be so strange to have everyone off of the injured list. Things are looking up. GO WINGS!!


Burg tagged me today. I have to list seven songs I am listening to these days. I think I will change that a little bit--I haven't been listening to anything specific recently. I will come up with seven songs that I could listen to ANYTIME, instead. Might be interesting. I will do the post later tonight.


I got another sign today that spring is here. Our 'lawn guy' called this morning to see if we want him to continue taking care of our lawn. DUH! I didn't take that call because I have to talk to K first. We WILL have the lawn taken care of, but I have to find out if K wants to do the spring clean-up himself--I would say no, cause he is working so much overtime. Anyway, I have to give our 'guy' a call and tell him to 'go to it.'


I guess the oldest granddaughter and her friend wore the medals they got at the science fair to school the following day. I guess they REALLY were proud of their accomplishment! :) (And rightly so.)

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