Friday, March 30, 2007

Take THAT Nashville!

The Wings won against Nashville 2-1. The game was very good and Detroit was ready for it--and Nashville even played quite well. It was nice to see Nashville play without the little pissant Tootoo--tonight was the last night of his suspension. They have too many good players to have to put up with the crap Tootoo pulls. I hope Barry Trotz realizes that he is more of a liability than an asset. With this win, Detroit won six of the eight games they played with Nashville this year. As of tonight, Detroit and Nashville are tied for first place in the league.

I don't know who picks the stars of the game on Yahoo's site, but I wonder what THEY are smoking! Tonight they picked Datsyuk as number 1 (I agree), Bertuzzi as number 2 (again, I agree), and Nashville's Legwand as number 3--and I very much disagree with the number three pick! Osgood was amazing in the net for Detroit tonight--he DEFINITELY should have been one of the stars! Oh, well, I guess the one who scored Nashville's only goal deserved the third star. Yeah, right.

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