Sunday, March 18, 2007

Vancouver 4, Detroit 1

How many times and how many ways can you use the word 'inconsistent' before it becomes redundant? After they played two fantastic games with Nashville, the Wings come up with tonight's fiasco. I just don't know what to say. Granted, they were short-handed for around 15 minutes for the game--they had 32 penalty minutes assessed to them tonight--but that still should not be an excuse for their poor showing.

There is so much talk about Bertuzzi joining the team next week--probably--that you have to wonder if they are just sitting back and waiting. I sure hope he won't be a disappointment after all of the hype that has been building.

FINALLY they mentioned Zetterberg and said he is coming along. Now, what does THAT mean? They have admitted that he has an inflamed disk, but on one of the message boards someone said it is a herniated disk--and I believe that is what Bertuzzi had surgery on! I really wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't make it back for the rest of the year. I hope I'm wrong and just being my old pessimistic self.



Doug Bagley said...

If it's a herniated disc, I'll be surprised if he makes it back before the end of the season. Unfortunately, I speak from experience.

cmk said...

Yeah, they are not saying much. Seeing that Zetterberg is one of, if not THE, stars of the team, they don't want to give too much away this close to the playoffs. We'll finally hear the whole story after all of the other injured are back and playing--but then, they just might wait till it's all over before telling the truth. :/